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For the protection and peace-of-mind of our clients, and our company,

Trail's End will only dispose of animals in a manner that is lawful and is according

to the laws and guidelines of State and Federal agencies.


We are pleased to be able to offer a legal option of burial to our clients.

This is our primary choice of

disposal for our client’s animals.

When Trail’s End first began in 2000 this option was not available.  Through a lot of hard work, the laws were changed to allow large animals to be buried at a certified facility.

Waste Management works with Trail’s End to make this legal option available to our clients.  Waste Management is diligent in doing a good job, not only for the environment, but also to serve

its customers to the best of its ability.

The burying of large animals such as

horses is regulated by state and

environmental departments. 

It is their job to ensure the quality 

of our land and water. 

Burying large numbers of animals without oversight and guidelines can potentially lead to land and water contamination.  Utilizing a landfill like Waste Management is the only legal and responsible solution we currently have.  The staff that we work with have helped us provide a nice resting place for our animals.  They prepare an area for us upon our arrival at the facility and immediately cover  the animal.

 We are very comfortable with the service that Waste Management provides and we have eight of our own horses buried there that were very much part of our family.





Individual Cremation is an option that

is chosen by many people.  

We will provide full service to facilitate the cremation of your horse or

other beloved animal.

When planning for end-of-life care with your veterinarian, let them know you would like cremation and they can help to make the arrangements through us.

If your horse passes away at home or farm, contact us to schedule the pick up. 


Services include:


Trail's End will come to your stable, home, or equine clinic to pick up and transport your equine companion to the cremation facility in our specially designed trailer


Individual cremation with return of ashes

with a choice of urns.


Individual cremation with partial return of ashes in a smaller urn.


Communal cremation with no return of ashes.



For additional details and pricing inquiries, please contact us at 


Available urn options can be seen by clicking on "CREMATION URN OPTIONS" link, above.


To make arrangements for cremation of your horse or other large animal, just call us at


and we will be there to assist you.




Trail’s End is available to transport deceased animals to veterinary clinics and diagnostic laboratories, including Midwestern University and the University of Arizona.  Animals are often taken to these locations for postmortem testing for insurance and  personal diagnostic reasons.       






515 East Carefree Hwy #222

Phoenix, Arizona  85085


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