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 Dear Jill,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your compassionate care yesterday. It was more than comforting to have you be there for that final transition of our very old pony, Beauty.  You were very gentle with him and so considerate of my feelings. I especially appreciate the extra time you took to help his very upset, best buddy of ten years accept the loss. Stormy has been just fine since you helped him see and smell Beauty for himself.

I pray that all goes well with you in this line of work and all you do with horses.  You have a gift!

Shelley A.

Thank you Jill and Ken...

this has been a very hard day!  I am thankful that the process was so smooth and you were so kind... I really can't tell you how scared I was of this process...  I know he was handled with care! 

I know "Easy" is out of pain in running the BIG race now...  Robbie and Cody H.

Dear Jill and Ken,

I want to send a huge thank you for the kindness you showed me Saturday.  You conducted this situation in a very efficient manner for which I am grateful, Sincerely,

Carole S.


Thank you for making a difficult experience nicer.

I appreciate your kindness,




Hi Jill, 

Your transfer service was absolutely perfect for me and for Festus. Thank you for your professional expertise... I will recommend your business to others.






I wanted to take a moment to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your help with taking my horse, Ali, to his final resting place.  This was a difficult decision and about the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Your kindness to me and your compassionate, caring handling of Ali’s remains is so appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Robin B. (Scottsdale)   

Thank you Jill and Ken...

this has been a very hard day!  I am thankful that the process was so smooth and you were so kind... I really can't tell you how scared I was of this process...  I know he was handled with care! 

I know "Easy" is out of pain in running the BIG race now...  Robbie and Cody H.


I wanted to take a moment to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your help with taking my horse, Ali, to his final resting place.  This was a difficult decision and about the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Your kindness to me and your compassionate, caring handling of Ali’s remains is so appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Robin B. (Scottsdale)   

 Ken and Jill -

Just can't thank you enough!

You guys are awesome.  Thanks for making a bad time better

Gus says "thank you",I am sure.


Kathy KB


Through the incredible sadness of the death of Candle, I feel such gratitude for your amazing kindnesses. 

While I cherish all the memories of my darling boy, I will remember you and the role you played on his last day.  You are so loving and respectful, of me and of him.  What a beautiful spirit you have!  The gift of the mane and tail was such a wonderful gesture in the midst of a grim morning. 


Thank you for that treasure. 

Susan R.

Dear Jill and Ken,

Thanks for your kind words of condolence about our "Silver" and also for the service that you provide for us

Joan S.

"Some things just quietly make the world a better place. Thank you for you

A warm heartfelt Thank You to Trails End

Dear Jill and Ken,

Ray and I cannot begin to express our gratitude for the incredible service you provided when we lost our Sonny Boy. You are our heros and we pray that God protects you as you continue to do His work

Ray and Candy M.


Hi Jill,

Just wanted to thank you for taking care of my beautiful Isabella last week.

I am so grateful that you were available to take care of things with such class and compassion.

You were the one bright light in a truly horrible dark day.

Thanks again,       Sue F.


Dear Folks at Trail's End,

Thank you so much for your understanding and kindness in the mix up around our loss of Lady Bug, our horse.

We were so sad and emotional...Thank you, again for your handling of the situation.

Dear Ken and Jill

We wish to express our sincere gratitude for your loving service on March 25th & for helping us complete my journey with Sierra.

Your love & compassion helped us through a very difficult day.

We are truly blessed by your service.

God bless you both.  You both truly make all those you touch, better.

Thank you,

Doug and Lisa S.


I would like to thank Trail's End for the wonderful way they took care of my horse, Sammie, today. I could not ask for anything more from Jill and her staff. Not only were they amazing in dealing with Sammie, they worked with another horse that was having a very hard time with Sammie's death, as well as my dogs, and of course my children/myself. 

Thank you so, so much for all you do         -Donna B.



I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and kindness in the face of our great loss.

Emma was a rescue horse who came to us emaciated and untrusting.

Through the kindness shown to her by our Patients and staff, Emma became a healthy older girl who gave back love and helped many Trauma Patients who endured abuse and neglect themselves, learn to trust again.


My heart is heavy today and there is sadness here at the ranch, but Emma is no longer in pain.

You, through your kindness and understanding, made it easier to let her go with you.


Blessings to you dear

Sister in Christ!

Thank you for the important job you do in ministering to human sadness and pain.



 I can't thank you enough for your compassionate care of my beloved Harmony at the end. My hope of a gentle end came as a result of my amazing vet and you...

    You held her head in your hands and put it down gently and for that there are no words to express my deep appreciation.

She was truly a magical, spiritual, healing horse and I miss her so much.

    I rescued her 1 year ago and promised to walk her journey with her as long as she was willing. Of course I had hoped it would be longer... I know we helped heal each other.

    As a Hospice nurse I understand grace at the end of life and I want you to know how much grace you shared with Harmony and me...

For all Harmony went through, she still had a gentle spirit and enormous capacity to love and trust..

    I know death won't break the bond we have but I so miss her smell,sight and sounds everyday...


With many Blessings and great Gratitude,

Eve A./ Harmony Dalight 

(Litchfield Park)



"Throughout your whole being, may you feel the miracle of healing"


This is how your kindness and the special touch of Choco's tail braid made us feel.

Thank you for making such an unbearable pain a little less painful...

Thanks again, 

John and Kate

Hi Jill!

...I’ll refer you to everyone I know.  I sincerely appreciate you guys and the caring service you provide. 

Take Care and thanks again,

Coleen K.


I just wanted to Thank you.   I used to manage “Hillcrest Stables” and I was there when you came to pick up “Jazz”.  The Farrier talked the owner into letting him take the horse home to try to fix his feet.  I was also there when you came to get “Sugarfoot”, I just wanted to say thank you again.  You provide such a wonderful service and we do appreciate you guys.  I recommend you to everyone.  Thanks Again!

Kathleen M.


Just a note to say thanks for your help last week - 

Your kindness, sweet personality, and obvious professionalism were much appreciated.

Your help made a dauting prospect do-able.

It would be nice if our path cossed again, but under different circumstances.

With best regards,

Tom have made the transition from my two memorable friends very copable.  Thank you for being you!                                                                          

Sandy Young                                                                                                        

Thunder Heart Horse Rescue



Thank  you so much for being there in our time of need! I know “Starshine” is grateful also.

Thank you again,                                                                                          Rod and Sandy G.  (Phoenix)


I would just like to say how wonderful and amazing this service is. Poor Belle was put down today and Trails End made her passing as peaceful as possible for us here at the Red Mutt Ranch. Belle's owner wanted something to remember her by so the wonderful man...who was here, very tenderly combed and braided her tail before removing it for the owner. To me that was one of the most wonderful and understanding gifts he could have given her.

Thank you guys so much for all you do and the peace you provide to those unfortunate enough to have to say goodbye to their beloved horses.

You are truly angels.

Terra Gerling: Red Mutt Ranch


I just wanted to say thanks for the kindness extended this morning when picking up Black Jack.  I also attached a memorial that you can post on your website.  I know it will serve to comfort the hundreds of riders and volunteers who so dearly loved little Black Jack.  Thank you again for all you do.

Gregg Goodman
Executive Director
Horses Help


Thank you so much for taking care of Pilgrim while we were in Colorado. It is unbelievably hard   to lose your best friend but to lose them long distance was awful.  

You did not mind my multiple phone calls throughout the day     as I worried about the inevitable.   I would like to add him to your memorial page if possible, just let me know how to go about doing so.

Thanks again,

Jan Lewis - The Promise Ranch picked up a friend at Friesian Groves.  I've seen you pick up horses in the past, and have always admired your gentle and humane handling of the body.

Thank you for what you do...although the old mare wasn't mine, she was VERY sweet...and I'll miss her.

Sandi Wagner


We just wanted to express our gratitude to your organization for making the sudden passing of our dear friend, Eb’s Shooting Star (aka Shooter) a bit easier.

Sincerely,Paul, Teri and Kaitlyn W.  

(Desert Hills) 


7/20/22 - The people with Trail's End have always been so compassionate.


5/11/22 - Jeff was a wonderful person to work with very consoling thank you very much


5/2/22 - Thank you Ken and Jeff. Not an easy job but conducted with love and respect and we really appreciate it.


3/27/22 - Ken and Josh took good care of everything when our horse Mom passed away. They are very respectful and kind. It was a hundred mile drive for them to get to our place and I appreciate everything they have done.


2/9/22 - Thank you for handling a difficult experience with compassion.


2/7/22 - Ken provided a quiet, compassionate and efficient service for us.


12/29/21 - Service was nice and fast! The guy who came to pick up the animals was on time, so sweet.... Thank you very much!

12/27/21 - You guys are absolutely amazing there are no words to describe the service you provide!

11/17/21 Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism in this situation. I truly appreciate it.


9/23/21 - Jeff was extremely kind and caring. He demonstrated compassion and understanding of what it was like to lose a loved companion. Thank you to everyone in your wonderful organization.

8/29/21 – Jill is Always Prompt, Dependable and Professional.  Will always give her a Great Recommendation.

8/14/21 – Very kind and professional

8/13/21 – Compassion and care given to my pet. 

8/9/21 – Highly recommended

8/2/21 – Jeff was Great.  He was quick, professional and very personable.  He was careful of my old horse.  He made the removal of my old horse more bearable.  Thank you Jeff…

6/18/21 – Jill was a great gal she was very heart felt.  Thanks for taking care of our boy. He can run free with his family in heaven.

5/15/21 – Jill a gem, it all went good.  Thanks again for the service.

5/2/21 – Very kind and knowledgeable.  Appreciate their caring service.

4/19/21 - Thank you so much for your compassion and understanding.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated you responding to my early Sunday morning call and handling Molly with such care.

4/6/21 – Good people to have in a tough time.

2/26/21 - Amazing company and staff...made a hard situation so much more peaceful. Grateful.

2/16/21 - Always very kind and helpful. Thank you!

1/22/21 - Wouldn’t use any other service. Thank you for you service and compassion

 12/19/20 - Working with Jill was wonderful! She made a difficult situation easier and has so many good suggestions for the ashes. Thank you Trails End, for helping me with this sad time.

12/10/20 - Extremely courteous and efficient. Love the braided tail I received in remembrance.

11/27/20 - Driver was polite, courteous and friendly. Good job. Thank you for traveling so far.

9/24/20 - Caring people, both with us and handling of our precious “Mister” Thank you so much! We appreciate you!

9/4/20 - The process was quicker and more humane than I thought it would be. Thank you

8/31/20 - Everyone at Trails End is always so wonderful and compassionate. Thank you so very much.

8/21/20 - Just love how you guys do what you do! Thank you so much!!

1/15/21 - Very understanding in a very difficult time, thank you.


1/7/21 - Ken and Jill were exceptionally helpful, kind, caring, and professional on a VERY SAD day for me. THANK YOU BOTH!!


8/13/20 - They are always very sympathetic and kind when helping us. Thank you for your kind heart and caring for our dear animal.


8/8/20 - Sensitive and thoughtful


8/1/20 - Friendly, helpful, compassionate, fair pricing.


7/23/20 - Thank you for the caring service. It made a rough day a little better.


5/15/20 - Thanks for your kindness at a hard time.


4/13/20 - Jeff was outstanding and proficient. Went above and beyond for us


3/27/20 - Outstanding customer service .... most of all very caring and understanding of our loss and feelings. Thank you so much ..


3/23/20 - Awesome company and great people! They make a tough time a little easier. Highly recommend them.


3/16/20 - The gentleman that picked up my mare was awesome.


2/27/20 - Very quick excellent service.


2/4/20 - Can't thank these folks enough.


1/17/20 - I appreciate the care shown in taking care of my horse.


3/2/19 -  Great service Totally Professional Service…Would Highly Recommend to anyone

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