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About Trail's End


The death of a horse, pony, or other large animal, can be an

upsetting and overwhelming experience for those involved.


As horse owners and horse lovers, we understand, and our goal is to help you

deal with the practical solutions at an emotional time.


Trail’s End has been serving the Valley and State since 2000 and you can trust us to

professionally and compassionately handle the process of collecting your animal.


Our equipment is specially designed to make the removal of

large animals as respectful and swift as possible.


We provide all legal options for the disposal of your animal including burial and cremation.

Please call us to discuss options and costs.


Trail’s End is licensed in the State of Arizona and works directly with vets and clinics statewide

to serve the end-of-life needs of horses, ponies, and other large animals.


The goal of Trail’s End is to offer a trusted, caring, efficient service at a difficult and stressful time.

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